You are brainstorming ideas to connect students to one another to teach a STEM topic or subject. This brainstorming page is meant as a starting point. DELETE the italics as these are the instructions.

Idea Generation

Goal: At least 50 ideas before you move on between all of the categories below. Try for at least 5 ideas in each area below.


Think of silly, funny, hilarious ways to connect students and teach STEM subjects.
  • songs
  • skits
  • cartoons
  • dancing
  • games
  • jokes

Make Moments

Think of ways you can use powerful, moving, emotional stories and/or media to teach and how you can connect students to build on that moment.
-view real life stories to connect students
-have students discuss personal experiences
-guest speakers to discuss personal experiences
-have students illustrate a story related to problem; ask them how they could make a difference
-show media, pictures, collages, poems/historical events

Connect with People

Think of people and ways you can connect students to experts, community leaders, authors, business people for learning.
  • have conversations with parents
  • skype
  • listen to podcasts
  • wikis
  • webinars
  • classroom speakers
  • community leaders/speakers/organizations from business, etc
  • national lab day contacts
  • social networking
  • idea
  • idea

Take Action and Find Meaning

Think of ways students can connect to each other AND take ACTION in their local communities and online relating to STEM areas.
  • social networking tools
  • create psas
  • join existing organizations
  • service learning project
  • form own social service organization/lead it
  • google search for special interests
  • google docs
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea


Think of artifacts and projects that students from DIFFERENT classrooms can co-create relating to STEM.
  • psas
  • brochures
  • web pages
  • podcasts
  • video
  • pictures
  • blogs
  • poster presentations/glogster
  • research symposium
  • gallery walk
  • invention/artifact created in class
  • create artifact to represent project
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea

Be an Idealist

What do you WISH students would be able to do online together relating to STEM.
  • share ideas
  • solve real problems
  • dream
  • celebrate
  • build relationships
  • network
  • grow
  • connect
  • understand different cultures
  • support and feedback
  • ask questions
  • expand their thinking
  • challenge current understandings and explanations
  • think outside the box
  • have AHA moments
  • discover
  • invent
  • fail
  • make choices
  • learn
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea