Idea Generation


Think of silly, funny, hilarious ways to connect students and teach STEM subjects.
  • idea
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Make Moments

Think of ways you can use powerful, moving, emotional stories and/or media to teach and how you can connect students to build on that moment.
  • Energy crisis
  • Oil spill
  • Climate change (sad polar bears)
  • Depleting resources
  • Third world applications

Connect with People

Think of people and ways you can connect students to experts, community leaders, authors, business people for learning.
  • Twitter
  • Universities
  • Local engineering firms/industry
  • Hackers/Energy Geek message forums
  • Patent database

Take Action and Find Meaning

Think of ways students can connect to each other AND take ACTION in their local communities and online relating to STEM areas.
  • Utilize the local resources
  • "Making green" - showing students rapid impact
  • Cultural conditions - Example: Bicycle, etc
  • idea
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Think of artifacts and projects that students from DIFFERENT classrooms can co-create relating to STEM
  • Intro ideas:
    • Light an LED (~2V)
    • Measuring what we have and what we need
  • Library of specs
  • Testing protocol
  • idea

Be an Idealist

What do you WISH students would be able to do online together relating to STEM.
  • Patent device
  • Making a reproductable for third world [anywhere/anytime]
  • Make an instructable/Youtube video
  • idea
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