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Team Name: Green(er) Physics
Members: Pat Engleman - Philadelphia, PA - mistere9.blogspot.com
Mike Liva - Hakensack, NJ - micliv@bergen.org
Neil Schmidgall - Glenview, IL
Marcie Shea - Richmond, VA - http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/freeman/shea_m/


Project Name: Energy Harvesting: A Green Solution for the 21st Century


Encourage students to design and build renewable ways to recharge small electronics devices adaptable to local/global environments.

Project Planning

Students will utilize their knowledge of electric energy (the production, transmission, and utilization of) to design and build renewable ways to recharge small electronic devices. The students will work collaboratively with students from other physics classes on the East Coast. Students will publish schematic diagrams of their device online along with a short video explaining how the device works. Ultimately the schematics could/would be used by consumers in third world countries that do not have ways to recharge their small electronics making technology more accessible worldwide.


Students in physics courses will engage in this project. They range in age from ninth to twelfth grade.


What time of year (state in months NOT season -- i.e. Sept NOT "Fall" as hemispheres have different reasons.). Will it have simultaneous events? Consider holidays, etc. Is there a "perfect" time for this (also think about the topic you have in mind.)


What type of websites and tools will you use. Hyperlink to the tools and give examples of what would be done. How will students interact? Where will they be sharing, working, collaborating? All tools used.


Why is this project important. Include statistics and facts about why this is a needed project. "Sell" this to the world about why it is an issue that should be addressed and why this particular project can make a difference. What will you use to share this?


Any other implementation items that you wish to share. What challenges will this project face as schools look at implementing it? How will you overcome obstacles and arguments against this project or methods used? How will it be managed and facilitated by teachers? Will students be leaders? How will you know if this is done well? How will you encourage student participation? How will you motivate? How will you know if the project is successful?

The Future

What needs to be done next? Are there any topics that need to be researched further to implement this idea?


Include any important references you have about this topic.


We envision that this project will run as an elective using existing facilities and technology, with a budget of $5k for materials.