You are brainstorming ideas to connect students to one another to teach a STEM topic or subject. This brainstorming page is meant as a starting point. DELETE the italics as these are the instructions.

Idea Generation


  • Kill cartoon character
  • Who kidnapped my teacher
  • Who stole my mascot?i

Make Moments

  • Students select a regional example of a particularly heinous crime

Connect with People

  • Who are people that use forensics? Invite people such as authors, law enforcement, professional societies,

Take Action and Find Meaning

  • Students create a "Cold Case" for other students to solve in other localities
  • Students will include physical evidence via snail mail along with digital media


  • Various forms of evidence
  • Video
  • Physical evidence
  • Pictures
  • Testimony
  • Create the scenario and solution

Be an Idealist

What do you WISH students would be able to do online together relating to STEM.
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