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Team Name: BioChemmunity
Members: Mary, Rice Lake HS, WI & Kim H., Smithtown HS East, St. James, NY


Project Name: BioChemmunication


We plan to pair biology and chemistry students to integrate the sciences.

Project Planning

Use the following as a starting point only, you do not need to stick to this template


What is the topic of study? What are the outcomes? How would the students be assessed? What will they be doing?

Review of Basic Chemistry & Intro to Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry

Students in AP Chem will educate AP Bio students in basic Chem while reviewing the topics themselves. AP Bio students will use their acquired knowledge while learning biochem and orgo and then share their knowledge on the biological applications of chem with the AP chem students.

Students will create Glogs to share their knowledge. The content/appropriateness/creativity will be assessed with a rubric.


Ages, types of students, type of course(s) or subjects that this could appropriately be used with.

11th & 12th Grade AP Chemistry
10th Grade AP Biology


What time of year (state in months NOT season -- i.e. Sept NOT "Fall" as hemispheres have different reasons.). Will it have simultaneous events? Consider holidays, etc. Is there a "perfect" time for this (also think about the topic you have in mind.)

Intro Chem unit in early September
Biochem/Orgo unit in late Septmber


What type of websites and tools will you use. Hyperlink to the tools and give examples of what would be done. How will students interact? Where will they be sharing, working, collaborating? All tools used.


Students will create Glogs to share their knowledge. This resources provides a medium to comment on each other's work as well.


Why is this project important. Include statistics and facts about why this is a needed project. "Sell" this to the world about why it is an issue that should be addressed and why this particular project can make a difference. What will you use to share this?

AP Chem students need to review basic chem early in the year. AP Bio students need chem background but in this school do not take chem prior to bio. Chem students need an application for their knowledge.


Any other implementation items that you wish to share. What challenges will this project face as schools look at implementing it? How will you overcome obstacles and arguments against this project or methods used? How will it be managed and facilitated by teachers? Will students be leaders? How will you know if this is done well? How will you encourage student participation? How will you motivate? How will you know if the project is successful?

The Future

What needs to be done next? Are there any topics that need to be researched further to implement this idea?


Include any important references you have about this topic.


(In this optional section, you may choose to include information that you will use as your pitch. Or, you may delete this section. Customize this page as you wish, just make sure all information is included.