You are brainstorming ideas to connect students to one another to teach a STEM topic or subject. This brainstorming page is meant as a starting point. DELETE the italics as these are the instructions.

Idea Generation

Goal: At least 50 ideas before you move on between all of the categories below. Try for at least 5 ideas in each area below.


Think of silly, funny, hilarious ways to connect students and teach STEM subjects.

  • video of bloopers of science
  • Funny PSA
  • Comic strips
  • skits or plays
  • comic books - children's books

Make Moments

Think of ways you can use powerful, moving, emotional stories and/or media to teach and how you can connect students to build on that moment.
  • historical resume
  • books - children's otherwise
  • mapping activities
  • videos or newspaper articles to show change over time - Polar ice caps
  • Polar bear video

Connect with People

Think of people and ways you can connect students to experts, community leaders, authors, business people for learning.
  • wiki
  • blog
  • sharing student-made video
  • sharing articles written about change
  • kids presenting information to board

Take Action and Find Meaning

Think of ways students can connect to each other AND take ACTION in their local communities and online relating to STEM areas.
  • PSA of what to do in the area - neighborhood, county, city
  • Changes in community brought on by climate change
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea


Think of artifacts and projects that students from DIFFERENT classrooms can co-create relating to STEM.
  • students do the same lab and then collaborate to write a lab report
  • videos are collaborative with different pieces of evidence
  • historical data from different parts of the country can come together and collaborate to create a unified way to study data
  • idea
  • idea

Be an Idealist

What do you WISH students would be able to do online together relating to STEM.
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea
  • idea