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Team: Guides by their Sides, not Sages on the Stages

Members:Terri Johnson, St. Joseph, MO Bode Middle School
Kristy Lathrop, Castle Rock, CO Mesa Middle School


Project Name:
The Power of You


How can perspectives and factors affect our energy decisions?

Project Planning


Our students will evaluate energy options as they consider the perspectives of stakeholders and regions? They will have a moderated town-hall meeting online after finding out . Will be addressing aspects of all 6 NETS for Students that addresses 21st Century Skills., IB Standards A: One World B. Communication in Science. Students will also demonstrate the IB learner profile traits inquirer, knowledgable, thinkers, communicators, open-minded, risk-takers. Missouri GLE: Matter and Energy: Energy cannot be created and destroyed.... and Sci/Tech Costs and benefits of technological advances. Our end goal is for students to use their learning of the content in an authentic and natural way.
Outcomes will be determined by student interests and passion.


Ages, types of students, type of course(s) or subjects that this could appropriately be used with.


December/January of 2010-2011. 1 to 2 synchronous activities. Rest will be asynchronous.


Wiki, Ning, Cover it Live, Skype, Castle Rock, St. Joseph, ColoRADo, Missouri, the US, Earth... It will be up to the kids to determine where the learning will take place. What type of websites and tools will you use. Hyperlink to the tools and give examples of what would be done. How will students interact? Where will they be sharing, working, collaborating? All tools used.


Our end goal is for students to use their learning of the content in an authentic and natural way.


Any other implementation items that you wish to share. What challenges will this project face as schools look at implementing it? How will you overcome obstacles and arguments against this project or methods used? How will it be managed and facilitated by teachers? Will students be leaders? How will you know if this is done well? How will you encourage student participation? How will you motivate? How will you know if the project is successful?

Students will be given a rubric with the standards that they must be able to demonstrate. The comments from Cover it Live may be exported to an excel spreadsheet that the teachers will use to assess their responses.

The Future

This project will be
student driven - not just student centered
autonomous learners
service learning that grows from the project organically


Include any important references you have about this topic.


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