Idea Generation for:Take Us off the Grid! Perspectives and factors that affect energy choices

Think of silly, funny, hilarious ways to connect students and teach STEM subjects.
  • charades
  • music video
  • they could melt ice creaam
  • Could cook hot dogs
  • burn stuff... fire!!!

Make Moments

Think of ways you can use powerful, moving, emotional stories and/or media to teach and how you can connect students to build on that moment.
  • Cover it Live (Synchronous live blog)
  • Warming of our oceans causes loss of wetlands... Kinetic Molecular Theory
  • Study Chernobal
  • affects of radiation poisoning
  • Wind Farms killing birds
  • geography-dams failing
  • Gulf oil spill
  • St. Joseph, coal train will be driving by every 11 minutes-affects to community, will it last?

Connect with People

Think of people and ways you can connect students to experts, community leaders, authors, business people for learning.
  • NREL National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Local Electric Associations
  • Business Owners/ Installers of
  • TED Talks
  • homeowners that use alternative energy
  • Small Businesses who make decisions on whether to use alt. energy
  • Policy Makers
  • Environmentalist
  • geologist

Take Action and Find Meaning

Think of ways students can connect to each other AND take ACTION in their local communities and online relating to STEM areas.
  • Ning
  • Wiki*T
  • Google Domain
  • Cover It Live (like the chat part of a webinar)
  • Skype
  • ustreaming


Think of artifacts and projects that students from DIFFERENT classrooms can co-create relating to STEM.
  • PSA
  • education for elementary school kids
  • Paper Slide Project
  • Persuasive letter
  • Invention
  • Organize a community event

Be an Idealist

What do you WISH students would be able to do online together relating to STEM.
  • see different viewpoints
  • be able to suspend judgment
  • be able to make informed decisions
  • be a risk taker
  • Energy cannot be created or destroyed....
  • There are costs/benefits to all technology decisions