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Team Name: Water Wars
Merrie Rampy,
Telannia Norfar, Northwest Classen High School, www.norfarlogic.pbworks.com


Project Name: Fight For Your Life


The Gulf Oil Spill is only the latest disaster to affect massive amounts of water, the source of life, what are challenges to our water and how do we protect one of our main source of life.

Project Planning

Use the following as a starting point only, you do not need to stick to this template


The Gulf Oil Spill is only the latest disaster to affect massive amounts of water, the source of life. Look at droughts as well as floods in our Nation and in the world, accidents like the Gulf spill, Chernobyl and more, and you'll see more and more that the world is in a simmering war over water. What about where you live? What are the challenges to your community's water, and what plans are there for it? Will you need to fight for your "life", and how?

Students will need to create a multimedia presentation of some kind that serves as a motivator, something that creates a sense of urgency about issues that they discover. (Could we use a differentiated 2-5-8 Menu empathizing technology) In addition, they should deliver a summary of existing or proposed plans/resolutions for their community to possibly some local officials. (Students can choose to define "community" as broad or narrow as they'd like.)


The ages are 14 to 15 (9th to 10th grade). The courses that will be involved are Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, Web Design/Internet Essentials, Language Arts (9th), American Government, Earth Science/Ecology/Biology.


Mid-September to November (but this may change).


Google Apps
Multimedia Software
? Is possiblly
What type of websites and tools will you use. Hyperlink to the tools and give examples of what would be done. How will students interact? Where will they be sharing, working, collaborating? All tools used.


Why is this project important. Include statistics and facts about why this is a needed project. "Sell" this to the world about why it is an issue that should be addressed and why this particular project can make a difference. What will you use to share this?


Any other implementation items that you wish to share. What challenges will this project face as schools look at implementing it? How will you overcome obstacles and arguments against this project or methods used? How will it be managed and facilitated by teachers? Will students be leaders? How will you know if this is done well? How will you encourage student participation? How will you motivate? How will you know if the project is successful?

The Future

What needs to be done next? Are there any topics that need to be researched further to implement this idea?


Include any important references you have about this topic.


(In this optional section, you may choose to include information that you will use as your pitch. Or, you may delete this section. Customize this page as you wish, just make sure all information is included.