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Did You Know?

M3 (Midwest Math Motivators)

Team Name: M3 (Midwest Math Motivators)
Peggy Hartwig, Marshfield High School, Marshfield, Wisconsin
Katie Evans, Washington High School, Washington, Illinois
Sarah Streitz, Richfield High School, Richfield, Minnesota


Project Name: STEMagic


Our project will involve flattening our classrooms, collaborating to create STEM rich lessons and applications through multiple modes of communication.

Project Planning


What is the topic of study? Algebra/Advanced Algebra
What are the outcomes? Using Algebra and other areas of mathematics to make scientific connections to the world around us
How would the students be assessed? Challenge Based Learning
What will they be doing? Collaborating with other classrooms to identify and provide STEM based solution to problems we are facing in their communities and classrooms.


Ages: Grades 9-12 STEM students


Throughout the 2010-2011 school year (Sept-June). Teachers will establish asynchronous meetings as well as opportunities for students to collaborate live via tools such as SKYPE.


What type of websites and tools will you use.
Live Wiki
other student choices (Web 2.0 Tools) to create, collaborate, and present ideas.


Creating purposeful adults with 21st century skills. This experience will empower students to develop problem solving STEM skills improving assessment outcomes and preparing for future career opportunities that do not yet exist.


After introducing and practicing Algebraic Concepts, students will identify a local issue that interests them and use inquiry based learning to develop STEM connections. Students will model their issue through the use of mathematics, engineering, science, and technology and share their issue and solutions to the M^3 classrooms.

The Future

Eventually we will expand our live wiki to include other STEM fellows' students into our "global classroom". Our classroom momentum will develop beyond our country's borders.


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