Presentation from the Siemens STEM Institute

Dr. Thomas Keller
Conceptual Framework for Guiding New K-12 Science Education Standards
Big Ideas by Discipline PDF

Dr. Lodge McCammon
STEM Institute FIZZ Session
Lodge McCammon Website

Chris Lehman
Beyond Tools - Thoughtful 21st C. School Reform

Julene Reed
Making a Difference with Challenge–Based Learning
Other resources:
Polar Bears in a Changing Climate – Resources for CBL in the Classroom, Climate Change, and Polar Bears
"Ice Age" Video of Old Sea Ice Melt/Change – (part of the above)
Video of Dr. Andy Derocher discussing "Polar Bears & Climate Change"
Rolling on the Tundra – Resources for the Interdisciplinary Study of Polar Bears and Climate Change
Polar Bears International
Rolling on the River – Resources for the Interdisciplinary Study of Rivers (and water)
Bringing the World to Your Classroom – Tips and Tricks for Global Collarboration
Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots: Making a Difference Globally – Online Resource with Information
Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots – Official Website
NAIS Challenge 20/20 (for public schools, too!)Deadline to enter the upcoming event is August 16th, 2010

Koshland Museum of Sciences Presentations
The National Academies and Its Resources
Dissemination and Communications Strategies at the National Academies
NOAA Education
Education at NASA