Thursday Workshop: Communication and Collaboration
Steve Dembo & Patti Duncan

Intro and Overview
Face to Face, Voice to Voice
Group Communication
Publication and Broadcasting

Activity: Register for Posterous and share a link in the Edmodo Group. Create real world math/science challenges based on the Discovery building and share them out through Posterous.

1) [Photo of Stairwell] How far above the ground is the next floor if the stairway is 15 feet long and 25 feet diagonally?
2) [Photo of image wall] How many rectangles do you see displayed? how many squares?
3) [Video of elevator ride going up] If it takes 20 seconds to get to the 3rd floor, how long will it take to get ot the 8th?
4) [Video of ball sculpture in lobby] What physics principals are demonstrated through the sculpture? How many math problems can we create from it?
5) [Photo of dinosaur in lobby] Is this dinosaur a herbivore or carnivore? How do you know?