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Team Name: STEM on a Stick
Members: Gwynneth Wacker, Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka, MN.
Paul Clement, Bellingham High School, Bellingham, WA.
Laura Segedin, Roosevelt Intermediate School, Westfield, NJ.
Margaret Hartwig, Marshfield High School, Marshfield, WI.


Project Name: A Mighty Wind Across America


Students from across the country will investigate wind power, culminating in the design and manufacture of wind turbines.

Project Planning

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Students will study alternate forms of energy, specifically wind energy. Students from a variety of states will work together to design, manufacture and construct wind turbines and then test their effectiveness using anemometers. Students will be assessed by creating a workable product and testing its effectiveness.


7th through 12th grade students in Math, Environment, Woodworking and Design Engineering classes


Late October or early November.


Students will conference with each other using Skype during a common time in the day, when available. They will also send emails, live wikis, and short videos to explain key concepts. Some online resources include: KidWind.org http://www.kidwind.org/students_teachers/, and the STEM Education Center at the University of MN http://www.cehd.umn.edu/stem/.
What type of websites and tools will you use. Hyperlink to the tools and give examples of what would be done. How will students interact? Where will they be sharing, working, collaborating? All tools used.


According to the American Wind Energy Association, "The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a goal of obtaining 6% of U.S. electricity from wind by 2020." Alternative forms of energy are essential in today's world and for the future of our planet because they reduce harmful emissions. Students will be applying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to create a usable and energy efficient product and will test its effectiveness. Through this process, students will learn to collaborate across the country and develop clear communication skills for the successful manufacture of a product.
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The Future

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