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During this introduction to our workshop, our lead facilitator, Vicki Davis, will share what effective, massive global collaboration looks like today in projects such as her Flat Classroom project and the phases for taking classrooms global. You may want to take notes or join the backchannel (see below) as you may want to pull ideas from this for today's assignment.

1) Global Collaboration: What Does it Look Like Today?

Note: This presentation may be changed slightly on Wednesday. If so, the new copy will be embedded here after the presentation!

2) Culture Connection

Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimension's Theory helps us understand the differences in culture. In order to plan globally, you have to consider global differences in culture.This will be embedded as part of the updated presentation above.


A backchannel is a live chat that accompanies a live conversation. If you have a laptop and you wish to discuss this presentation as it is being given, join the room below! If not, just sit back and learn!


Quicklinks: Global Collaboration Workshop Homepage | Next Step: 3) Idea Creation

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